Learning and Development Expert, Leadership Development Specialist, experience Designer and Strategist

  • Received 4 GE/Latitude Gold Awards.
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110)
  • Bachelor of Education in Adult Education Human Resource Development major
  • Limited-edition achievement recognizing early members of Workfolio.
  • Learning and Development Subject Matter Expert and Go-to person at Latitude Financial Services.
  • Cert IV in Front Line Management, Cert IV in Business, Dip. Management, and Dip. Business.
  • Cornerstone Learning Management System. Articulate eLearning Authoring.
  • Instructional Design Manager (4 Staff), to Acting Learning and Capability Manager (12 Staff).
  • Supervised 12 staff across 4 cities in 2 countries.
  • NSW State Leader for GE Capital Volunteers Program, NSW State Leader for Latitude Affinity Program.

ABout me

Phillip Currie
The only way to achieve success is to continually learn and grow.
Whether skills need to be updated, change needs to be implemented, or culture that needs to be changed, I enable people to learn and grow so that they can be successful in achieving their goals.

I revel in empowering people with the knowledge, skills, and behaviours that enable them to:
  • Develop more efficient or effective ways of completing the task(s) they are already doing.
  • Lead their teams to success by building effective and mutually-beneficial relationships with their colleagues and direct-reports.
  • Embrace change as the organisation evolves to meet the needs of its customers.

I help businesses thrive and achieve their goals through building and implementing people development strategies including:
  • Implementing technical, soft-skill, or regulatory change using communications, knowledge management, and learning.
  • Coaching professionals at all levels make breakthrough changes that maximise their existing strengths and build new skills.
  • Driving enhanced employee engagement and performance through transforming their culture.

Over 12,000 learners have learned new skills and capabilities from the 50+ training programs I have personally designed to date, and 100+ more that I have led the design of, covering areas such as technical, service, compliance, culture, and leadership. I still love the thrill of seeing my learners achieve success because they have made breakthrough changes that enable them to do things they couldn’t do before.

When I’m not building your skills and capabilities, I am nurturing my own through learning from interesting people.

Learning and Development Expert | Leadership Development Specialist | Experience Designer and Strategist

my history

  1. -
    Performance Support Design Leader, Latitude Financial Services

    As the manager of all things related to content design and management, led a team of Instructional Designers, Technical Writers, and an Intranet Specialist where we designed, developed, delivered, and evaluated knowledge management, communications, and learning solutions.

    Resolved junior leader talent pool gap by implementing a high-potential leadership development program. Two team members and I collaborated with the business to determine the need, and then design an appropriate solution. Resourcing was particularly challenged at the time, and I negotiated and coordinated an interim solution until design resourcing became available.

    Led the vendor selection process to commence reimagining Latitude’s induction programs; sourced and liaised with the prospective vendors, coordinated the working group, and provided recommendations to facilitate the decision-making process.

  2. -
    New South Wales Affinity Program Leader, GE Capital Finance Australia and New Zealand, and then Latitude Financial Services

    A voluntary role that was key to the employee engagement strategy, I led the New South Wales Affinity Team where we focused on organising, promoting, and running volunteering, health and wellbeing, inclusion and diversity, and social connection events.

    Key achievements in this voluntary role were:

    • Co-organising a Family day for over 50 staff and their families at Sydney Aquarium.

    • Packing Birthing Kits for the Birthing Kit Foundation of Australia.

    • Working with the team to fundraise $3010 raised for Lifeline Northern Beaches.
  3. -
    Acting Learning and Capability Manager, Latitude Financial Services

    Stepping up to lead the Learning and Capability Team up until the point of restructure, led a team of designers, facilitators, and a training coordinator who created, delivered, and evaluated learning programs, and then operationalised them into induction. With the Training Coordinators support, led and managed the credit licensing regulatory training program.

    Represented Operations and Group Sales on the design of an outsourced Team Leader Development program, and coordinated learner nominations, registration, and attendance for a custom-designed frontline leader development program for 45 learners across Melbourne, Brisbane, and Auckland.

    With the support of the Training Coordinator, increased program visibility for the Australian Credit Licensing training program by automating assignment and reporting through the Learning Management System.

    Led the design and implementation of a training program for the Personal Loan Sales Team enabling them to transition their operating model to a single-model case-managed approach across Australia and New Zealand; this subsequently cleared the way for work-sharing future efficiencies.

  4. -
    Instructional Design Manager, GE Capital Finance Australia and New Zealand, and Latitude Financial Services

    As the manager of all learning design and management for Operations and many other functions across the business, led a team of Instructional Designers who designed and developed learning programs and operationalised them into induction. Defined, implemented, and then led and managed the credit licensing regulatory training program with the support of a Training Coordinator.

    Collaborating with the National Learning and Development Leader, kick-started the cultural transformation from GE Capital to Latitude by designing, implementing, coordinating, and facilitating a values-based cultural change workshop for more than 1500 employees across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Auckland over just 10 days.

    Defined, developed, and implemented Australian Credit Licensing Continuing Professional Development Annual Training framework, including associated Annual Training Plans and Operations Training Policy affecting over 1200 employees and outsourced workers across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Delhi.

    Developed, implemented, internally marketed, and facilitated an employee professional development and leadership development program for over 80 employees across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Collaborating with a colleague, negotiated the contract, and then managed the vendor relationship.

    Co-implemented the Cornerstone Learning Management System; prepared the learning history records for upload into the new system, led team members in rebranding over 30 e-learning courses, including personally rebranding 12 courses. Also defined and implemented key system parameters.

    Increased coaching intervention effectiveness and subsequent staff performance uplift by leading the design of, implementing, and facilitating a Contact Centre Coaching training program for 60 learners [initially] across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. This was the first program at GE Capital designed to focus on root-cause-analysis as part of the preparation work.

    Implemented a digital learning framework driving the use of game-principles to enable targeted on-demand learning. This extended to use of blended learning e.g. driving a 50/50 approach of e-learning and Instructor-lead Learning in the implementation of VisionPlus 10 for over 500 learners across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, and Delhi.

  5. -
    Instructional Designer, GE Capital Finance Australia and New Zealand

    As the sole Instructional Designer for Operations and other key areas of the business, designed and developed learning programs to meet customer service, sales, technical, and leadership development needs. Coached others on the design and development of materials to meet their departments’ needs.

    Collaborating with the NSW Learning and Development Leader, uplifted team leader and individual contributor capability and engagement by procuring, implementing, internally marketing, facilitating, and managing a Certificate IV and Diploma qualification program for over 200 learners across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

    Working closely with the Human Resources Team, improved intra-departmental cultural relations within Operations by designing, customising, and implementing an Operations Leadership Development Conference across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

    Implemented technical and compliance training program for Australian Privacy Principles and Fairer Simpler Banking for over 3000 staff across /Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Delhi. A highlight of the Fairer Simpler Banking program was travelling to India to facilitate training for Genpact, our Business Process Outsource provider.

    Increased e-learning usage by designing and rolling out a suite of e-learning compliance modules, operational modules, and a customer-service conversation practice module.

  6. -
    Training Officer, GE Capital Finance Australia and New Zealand

    As a Training Officer, facilitated training programs ranging from technical training, customer service training, induction and on-boarding, and soft-skills.

    A key achievement in this role was designing, implementing, and coordinating training for the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing legislation changes. This involved consulting on the regulatory awareness training, and also designing and delivering the technical training for over 1200 staff across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Education Highlights

  • Ba. Education in Adult Education (Human Resource Development Major)
    university of technology sydney
  • Certificate IV in Training and Education (TAE40110)
  • Diploma in Management
    Leadership Success


  • 50+
    Training programs designed
  • 12000
    learners trained with my and my team's programs
  • 3
    Leadership development programs implemented
  • 48
    qualification subjects trained

experience (Years)

  • Learning and Development
  • Facilitation
  • Instructional Design
  • Change Management
  • Leadership Development
  • TEam Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Cultural Change



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